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TD HAIR – A rising human hair supplier

TD HAIR – A rising human hair supplier


As the demand for wigs is getting higher and higher, more and more people begin to sell wigs.

However, To be a successful human hair supplier, it requires you to have following conditions: large hair stock, good quality product, fast shipping delivery, competitive price and good customer service, etc.

Some people would think that the quality of brand-name stores will be more assured, even though the price is very high. In fact, this is not the case.

The company will definitely value the quality of hair products at the beginning if the company really wants to run his/her hair store. Besides, they may will make the price lower than the market in the same quality hair to establish their reputation. It is precisely because of this, customers often can buy cheap goods with good quality at such companies.

TD HAIR company is the one. TD HAIR company has its own hair factory to produce hair products so they can customize any hairs that customers need, such as colorful hair products, different specifications for hairs and very long length hairs. They purchase hair material all over the world and make into hair bundles, closures, wigs, hair bulk, clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, micro loop ring hair extension, hair bulk, etc. Meanwhile, They have proven dyeing techniques and can dye hairs to any colors you want. For those popular human hairs in natural black color, they of course have a lot of inventory.

For the online trading platform, they have account on Alibaba, Amazon, and official store. The official store was opened for about one year but it got a lot of customers. They also will post some pictures or videos on Instagram (tdhair_virgin_hair) and Facebook. It also attracts a lot of people to buy their hairs.

TD HAIR set a warehouse in USA last year, for those people who live in USA, they can get hairs very quickly. Even if send from China, it normally just takes 2-3 working days to USA, 2-4 working days to Europe, 4-5 working days to Africa. They always choose DHL to ship out the hair, it is very fast and safe. Of course, if customers want other express company, they also can accept it.

As so far, hair bundles and lace wigs are the most popular hair products in the market. TD HAIR normally can sell at least $100,000 a month. For some new products, TD HAIR also can  lead the front end. For example, 360 closure and 360 wigs are just becoming popular in this year. TD HAIR company was already in production and sales when these two products appeared on the market firstly. That’s because that sometimes they will visit customers and to learn the demand of customers and then they design new products to meet their needs.

You have to keep abreast of the market demand to make a long-term business. TD HAIR company did that and has been doing it all the time.

If you have interest in learning more about TD HAIR ‘s story, please click on : http://www.tdhair.com/


Post time: 12-18-2017